“We are all brands now, so get used to it”: Creating my website and becoming a media brand

Thinking of myself as being a ‘brand’ has been fairly odd thing to become accustomed to but now I have my head around it, it makes sense.  As it is becoming increasingly challenging to get a job in television, we each need to market ourselves as individuals. Luckily for me, there aren’t many Arianne Kenworthy’s around so it one sense having this name is helping me to stand out a fair bit but this alone isn’t enough to get me a job. I need to show what I can do myself, as a brand with my own unique selling point and this website will help me to do so. Nevertheless, it did  make deciding on a domain name relatively straight forward.

However, creating a website definitely isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Setting it up was more complex than I was expecting but although it may take a while, I will get the hang of it all and I am pleased with how it’s all looking at the moment.After creating my domain, my first approach was to write about myself; the skills that I have acquired and my aims and aspirations for the future. Writing this has made me realise how passionate I am about working with marine life in the future and has encouraged me to get involved with as much as I can to achieve this.

The next stage was to create the ‘My Work’ page; a place where I can show the work that I have done over the years and to provide a platform for me to demonstrate my skills and the improvements I have made. To begin with I was slightly apprehensive about this section as I wasn’t sure what I should include but the more I thought about it, the more it became clear and I decided to use examples from my first year through to the third year from a range of different areas to show the skills I have. I am going to be updating this page constantly with more recent work I have completed.

This website will let me showcase all the work that I have created and taken part in and will also show you my interests and the projects that I have coming up. Through my site, I will keep you all updated about my work and how it’s all going as well as explain the processes behind it all. Hopefully, through the issues and difficulties I might have to deal with I will be able to help others with theirs. It would also be great to have feedback on how I can improve and your opinions on what I’m doing.

I am hoping that my website is going to help me to achieve my aim of becoming a wildlife documentary maker and linking my interests together through networking with people in the industry. These days, breaking into the competitive industry that is television requires a lot more than just a degree, you need experience and determination to get you there. My blog is going to reflect me, Arianne Kenworthy, as a brand: somebody with a love for television and a passion to be a part of it.


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