Looking forward to sea-ing you! Preparing to film ‘WhaleFest 2011’

So, Friday is the day when hopefully all my hard work of being the producer and organising  will pay off when myself and my crew set off to Brighton to begin filming the promotional footage for Planet Whale’s ‘WhaleFest’. After having the meeting last Wednesday it immediately became clear what I still needed to sort but now the release forms are complete, risk assessment and health and safety completed and sent off, accommodation and equipment booked and the travel all arranged. It’s taken a while and has been relatively difficult to sort out but I’m hoping that everything will pay off when we get there!

There are now 5 of us in the crew; myself, Rachel Davies, Holly Stott-Penna, Sam Williams and Codie Stephens and we each have our own strengths and ambitions to try new things so that will hopefully be reflected in the final edit. Having Codie driving us there and helping us to achieve the optimum sound is incredibly helpful as I cannot imagine how difficult it would have been to carry two tripods, two Z1 cameras, a flip camera and all all luggage on the train and transporting it from the hostel to the venue!

I am really looking forward to going to Brighton to ‘WhaleFest’ as my aim is to become a marine wildlife documentary maker so to be able to mix with and meet people with a collective passion for the conservation of cetaceans is going to be an amazing experience. Whales and dolphins have always been a big interest of mine especially having undertaken a day of work experience with the Biscay Dolphin Research Programme a while ago. I am especially looking forward to hopefully meeting the organisers of the event as it is such a fantastic idea to create such an event and to watch the presentation by BBC Producer Mark Brownlow who produced Ocean Giants as it was this programme that enforced my aspirations.

I have to say that I am enjoying my role as the producer of the promotional footage for ‘WhaleFest’ and I wasn’t expecting to as much as I am. Once everything gets underway and we begin filming I think my enjoyment will decrease a little but getting the responsibility of filming for something I am really interested in is a wonderful opportunity and I am grateful to Stephanie St James and Dylan Walker and Ian Rowlands for allowing me to be there.


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