Paws For Thought: Preparing For My Documentary On Animals And The Recession

For my major broadcast journalism project I have to research, write, film and edit my own documentary on a recent news issue. I have decided to make mine about the ‘post- recession’ effect on the abandonment and adoption of cats in South Wales following the recent news story about the 6 kittens abandoned near the Bridgend Cats Protection Centre. (

Today I contacted the manager of the Bridgend Cats Protection, Sue Dobbs, to see if  it was possible for me to film in the centre and whether she would be available and happy to be interviewed. I would ideally like to ask her about the story of the abandoned kittens to see it from her perspective as it was her husband who found them in the bag as well as the more general issue of the abandonment of cats and the need to re-home them. I am hoping to also include information about how to adopt cats from the centre and the importance of doing so as I feel that it would benefit the centre and would inform the public on what to do if they are looking to adopt. Hopefully I will be able to film there and interview Sue as it would be really helpful to have somebody directly linked to the influential story within my documentary!

In order to ensure that I can cover both sides of the ‘argument’ of cat rehoming, I would also like to get in touch with somebody who has had to get rid of a cat themselves if they will allow me to interview them on camera. Likewise I am also planning on talking to people who have adopted cats to discover their opinions on the adoption and abandoning in the current economic climate.

In researching for my documentary, I have discovered that WalesOnline has already written an article about the issue of animal rescue centres being put under pressure to re-home the sheer amount of unwanted kittens. Hopefully, I will still be able to continue with my documentary as I feel that filming any animals is an advantage to helping me achieve my aim to become a wildlife documentary maker. If not, I will just have to find a new subject because any documentary making experience is helpful anyway especially working under pressure. Fingers crossed for the cats!


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