Creating a Fluke Print: Editing WhaleFest 2011 Footage

I’ve been considering how I am going to organise the editing of our footage from ‘WhaleFest’ and so far it’s been quite difficult to come to a decision about who’s doing what. Before we actually went and filmed in Brighton, Jordan Declaire had approached me and asked whether she would be able to edit as it is something she is interested in and possibly wants to do editing as a career. Initially I thought that this was a good idea because I am well aware that she is a competent editor who knows what she is doing so the final edit would be of a good standard. She also has Final Cut Pro on her Macbook which would mean she would be able to edit at home therefore it would also be time effective.

However, myself and the rest of the filming crew were discussing it on the way home and we thought that it would maybe be better if those who were present at the actual event and filming edited it together so that they could encapsulate the overall atmosphere. As well as this, we also thought as we were there we would also be able to accurately reflect the days events and obtain the tone of the film the organisers implied that they wanted as we had spoken to them face to face. I understand that in the industry, editors are employed to edit the footage together and that although the producer and director get to overlook it, it is primarily their job to sort it out. However, as this is a project that I managed to organise myself and was a really good experience to help me to further my career prospects I would like to have more of a say in the editing and have more of an active role within it.

Another issue is that there are 4 of us all interested in the editing process which I think could possibly end up being fairly overcrowded with people not really knowing what they are supposed to be doing. As a result, I am going to organise a meeting so we can sort out who’s doing what and whether we all need to be present for it. I am hoping to have a dominant say in the process as I am the producer but at the same time I am also looking forward to listening to other peoples ideas and combining them together to hopefully make a fantastic film to reflect a wonderful weekend!


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