Making A Splash In West Wales (Hopefully)

I’ve just had an email from Dylan Walker, one of the organisers of ‘WhaleFest 2011’ and he’s let me know that somebody from Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre is interested in filming some promotional videos for them of the dolphins and wildlife in West Wales. Rachel and myself were asked whether we would be interested in doing some filming for them back when we were filming at ‘WhaleFest’ but as we never heard anything for a while after, I thought that maybe they didn’t want us to and was even about to email them about it to be sure.

I hope that we are able to do this at some point as I have always had a real interest in dolphins since I was a child and I am aspiring to work with them in a filming capacity in the future. To be given the opportunity to film them for real and for a professional project will be incredible and is something I definitely do not want to miss. I’m not sure we will be able to film this in time for the Creative Industries deadline but that certainly does not mean we can’t do it at all, after all we need to go out and find our own work. I will definitely pursue this wonderful chance at something I have always wanted to do and I’m sure it will be an amazing experience.


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