Purrrfect Opportunities: Filming at the Bridgend Cats Protection Centre

As somebody who has grown up with cats all their lives, one aspect of my documentary I am finding really interesting to look into is the how the felines of the UK are being affected by the recession. To do so, I went along to the Cats Protection Centre in Bridgend along with Mirella Burgess and Jordan Declaire to see how they are coping with the crisis.

When we arrived at the centre we were given a quick tour of the centre to see what exactly goes on there. There are so many cats and kittens waiting to be adopted it was very hard to resist taking one home! As we were being shown around the lady was telling us about how a lot of the cats have recently been taken in to the centre because their owners just can’t afford to keep them anymore. Although it is sad that these little cats have found themselves here I suppose it is a lot better than being left on the street to fend for themselves.

Following this little tour, I was then introduced to Nicola Jones the deputy manager of the centre who I would be interviewing. It was really difficult finding somewhere to film because everything was so dimly lit and it was pouring down

Wow trying to get in on the interview with Nicola Jones

with rain which meant that we couldn’t do it outside which was a shame as I would have liked to have had all the cats in the cages in the background. In the end we went into a little shed where some of the cats who are not coping well in the cages are kept which included a little cat called ‘Wow’. And it was no coincidence it was called ‘Wow’ either.  As soon as we went in there all we could here was the word ‘wow’ again and again and really loudly which was really funny to hear although not when you are trying to record an interview! I’ve heard it said many times that you should never work with animals and it’s a lot clearer to me now!

In terms of the interview, I was a little bit disappointed with the lighting as it wasn’t as bright as it should really have been and although we did what we could with it, I’m not sure that the interview is going to be of that good a quality.

One of the cats in the shed waits for an attack from the fluffy bird

Despite this, the interview itself went reasonably well as Nicola told me a lot more about the recession and the festive season affecting the centre which is going to be incredibly useful for my documentary. She did go against my original thoughts of the festive season being a key contributor to the numbers of cats being kept there however this is purrfect to show that there are other reasons behind these high numbers.

After the interview, myself and Mirella filmed the cats in the shed for a while and got some really good close ups of them playing with a little bird toy. We then went into the main area where the majority of the cats are kept and filmed them

Turkey and Tree

through the glass pawing at the window as well as two little abandoned Christmas kittens called Turkey and Tree. I think with the shots I have got after today I am really going to be able to tug on peoples heart strings and encourage them to help with the issue of animal abandonment. I hope so anyway!

My only concern with the footage I have from here is the reflections of us in the glass as it was very difficult to angle the camera so you couldn’t see anything. We

Trying not to get the camera wet

also struggled a bit with the exterior shots of the centre as it was raining so heavily that we had to be very careful not to get the camera wet. After rigging up a sort of cover thing with Mirella’s coat, we managed to get a couple of decent shots of the centre but not many so I am hoping that at least one of them has worked.

Today has been really interesting to see the feline side of animal abandonment and how the centre is coping with the influx of cats over the recent years. I’ve learnt a lot about the process of adoption and more so than ever I am inclined to consider this in the future and once my documentary is complete, I am hoping that other people do as well.


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