Stop, Paws, Think…Pitching My Journalism Documentary Idea

This morning I pitched my journalism documentary idea ‘An Unwanted Gift: The Animals Abandoned At Christmas’ and I think it went well. I had to pitch to Head of Factual at ITV Bruce Kennedy as well as my lecturer and the rest of my class. Due to this, I felt a bit nervous standing up there especially as I was chosen to go first but once I began speaking my confidence increased because I knew my idea inside out.

After I had got through everything and shown the trailer I had created for my documentary, I was given feedback for my idea. I was told that I had some good stories in my pitch, which I should expand on further and rather than focus solely upon the pets abandoned at Christmas, I should look at the wider aspect of the effect that the recession has on them in general. I had actually been looking at doing this at the beginning of the development stages but decided to look more at Christmas as I was initially hoping to film around then so felt it was more appropriate.

I do think that my documentary will be a lot better centred on the recession because it means I can explore a lot of different directions. Luckily, in the interview I have already recorded at the Cats Protection Centre in Bridgend the recession was talked about so I think I will still be able to use it.

Today has made me realise that pitching isn’t as scary as I was imagining and going first and being thrown straight into the deep end actually helped me a lot. If I hadn’t gone then, I think the nerves would have been a lot worse. Standing up there in front of everybody and pitching and idea that I am really passionate about made me see that if you are that invested in something and have worked hard on it then everything will work out. I have learnt a lot about the direction that I should take my documentary in and I am already getting started in this now.

If I could change anything I would work on my speech delivery because I think I spoke a little bit too fast but once the other pitches are underway, I think I will improve a lot. I never thought I would say this but I’m surprisingly looking forward to the next two!


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