Interview With Doug Allen

This morning I had an interview with Doug Allen, one of the wildlife cameramen responsible for the stunning footage in the BBC’s Frozen Planet, Blue Planet and Ocean Giants to name just a few of the programmes he’s been involved in. I am an avid viewer of these so to be given the chance to speak to Doug was a huge honour as it is Blue Planet that encouraged me to go into wildlife documentary making. As my essay is about how wildlife filmmaking impacts on nature and how nature impacts on wildlife filmmaking I asked him a number of questions about

Courtesy of Bristol Wildlife Filmmakers

what he though about it.

Doug was incredibly helpful with his responses and gave me a number of thought provoking answers that have made me think of different angles to take with my essay now. I’m really glad and thankful that he allowed me to talk to him about his career and his opinion as not only has it encouraged me further with my own career, it has also made my essay subject matter a lot clearer to me and I am now feeling a lot more confident about what I am going to write about. My only concern now is that I have so many ideas and so much to talk about I’ll go way over the word count!


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