Dog-umentary filming- Dogs Trust Bridgend

Another morning of filming today as I filmed another part of my documentary about the effect the recession has had on the abandonment of animals. This time I went to the Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre in Bridgend along with Mirella Burgess, Rebecca Konig and Codie Stephens as my crew.

Rhia Stankovic met us when we arrived and was incredibly helpful throughout out time there, as she has been throughout the organising. She introduced us to Bruce, a 5 year old collie who has been at the centre for 3 years. I can’t believe nobody wants him because he is such an adorable and loving dog. I want him myself! We filmed him being walked around the grassy area which I am hoping to use as an establishing shot and then him playing in a room upstairs. All of this footage seems to be useful so as I have a lot of good shots of him playing which I think will contribute to the empathetic side of the viewers.


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