Dogs Trust Filming: Take 2

After deciding that the footage we got last time wasn’t high enough quality for my documentary, myself and Codie revisited the Bridgend Dogs Trust centre today to reshoot the interview with Rhia Stankovic-Jones and get a couple more general shots of the kennels and the dogs. This time I had my Canon camera which meant that I was able to film in much higher quality which I think is going to really benefit my documentary.

When we arrived at the centre at 2pm this afternoon we waited for Rhia and then made our way across to the room where we interviewed her last time. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great at all unlike last time so whilst I would have preferred to shoot in the yard, it was a bit to cold and rainy too. It wasn’t much of an issue as the room was flooded with light so she was still well lit, I just would have liked to have a more open location.

After reviewing the last interview, I chose to have Rhia standing up as last time I was standing over her causing her to look up and she also looked a bit uncomfortable.  I found that this interview went a lot better than last time and I am really pleased with the answers she gave. Although I am in a bit of jeopardy with the doc at the moment, she spoke a lot about the recession having a direct affect on the Bridgend centre which is going to be extremely useful to back up my statistical points. I do think that the background is a bit bland as she was just standing against the wall but as last time I wasn’t able to get the entire Dogs Trust poster in shot making it look a bit badly framed, its an improvement.

We were then allowed to wander around and get some more footage of the dogs in the kennels, again with two cameras. I used my Canon 550D whilst Codie used the Z1 which meant that in a short space of time we were able to get a considerable about of footage and some really good shots. Just like last time there were more adorable little puppies, Jack Russells just like my dogs, and I was incredibly tempted to take them home. They really played up to the camera, staring intently into the lens with their big puppy dog eyes and so did the rest of the dogs. I don’t know how anybody has the strength to resist them!

The few hours I spent at the Bridgend Dogs Trust today were really productive and I got some shots that hadn’t even occurred to me to get last time, including the ‘Welcome to Bridgend Dogs Trust’ sign which will be ideal to introduce them. It would have been easy to just accept the footage I had before and use that but I want to make sure my documentary is the best I can make it and by putting in a little bit more effort, I hope it shows in my work.


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