Horsing Around! Filming For My Documentary- Part 1

Today has been rather hectic today to say the least as myself and Codie filmed two more interviews for my documentary ‘The Price of Life’. As I am now going to be looking at the crisis of horse abandonment as well,  one of these interviews was at the Society for the Welfare of Horses and Ponies Monmouth at 9:00 am which meant that we had to be up at 7:00 am to get there in time. Quite difficult to do but it is definitely something I am going to have to get used to!

When we arrived at the centre we were introduced to Rebecca Telfer who took us down to the bottom fields to meet some of the recently rescued horses who had been abandoned in Bridgend. This included three young colts called Jigsaw,

We were introduced to Jigsaw and Puzzle, just two of the many rescued horses at the centre

Puzzle and Wellie who seemed very keen to be involved with the filming and even came up to the camera for a sniff. After we had filmed for a while in this field with Rebecca she then went to get Wellie’s halter so she could hold on to him whilst I interviewed her. I really wasn’t expecting to be left in a field with the horses so I was a bit worried that something could happen however they were very calm and simply wanted to see what we were doing.

When it came to the interview, I first asked about Wellie as I am hoping to focus upon this little colt’s story for my documentary. In doing so I found out that he had been bullied by the group he had been found with and had no mother which meant that he couldn’t reach the food and was starving. Looking at him, I couldn’t help but feel incredibly sorry for him as he also suffered from a number of skin

I first interviewed Rebecca Telfer about little colt Wellie

diseases as well. This part of the interview alone has really made me think a lot more about what can and should be done to help as no animal deserves to suffer like this at all.

After this, I then spoke to her about how the issue of the horses being abandoned in Bridgend and South Wales in general affects the centre and the strain it is putting on them. Rebecca told me that it was really putting pressure on their resources and that they are being forced to turn away some horses because they simply cannot afford to cope with them all anymore. This was ideal for my documentary as whilst I am aiming to get across the affect that the recession is having on the animals of the UK, I also want to show the impact it is having on the people involved as well.

Following the interview, I spent quite a bit of time getting some general shots of

These horses seemed very curious about me and the camera!

the sanctuary including the some of the other horses at the centre well. This included some which had been rescued from Rhoose not so longer ago and they seemed very keen to investigate me and the camera! Rebecca then took us to meet Arthur, a little 2 week old foal who had recently been brought in after being rescued in Bridgend (again). It amazes me how people can be so cruel to these creatures and I want to do them justice to encourage people to help make a difference. The owner of the SWHP Jenny MacGregor also came out to feed Arthur which meant I got some perfect shots of the care they give to the horses there. However, whilst we were recording this she began talking to Rebecca about the fact that somebody had just rung up to report another abandoned horse in Bridgend. I really wanted to investigate this further and find out exactly what happens when one is found but I felt it would be slightly intrusive and didn’t. Looking back I think it would have really benefitted my documentary but I’ve learnt a lesson here and will definitely think about taking these opportunities further in the future.

Visiting the SWHP today has been such an eye opening experience and the

Little foal Arthur had been rescued not so long ago

footage I got is definitely going to benefit my documentary. I am going to make sure that I get across the work that they do here and the pressure they are under in the hope I can get more people to help them and the horses. I can really see how I want to structure the documentary now after visiting and I am looking forward to getting stuck into the editing!  Now for interview 2……


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