Paws-ing For Thought: Filming At The Society For Abandoned Animals

This afternoon I took along my mother Susan McGarrie to help me film at the Society for Abandoned Animals in Manchester to show how smaller pets like rabbits and cats are also feeling the effects of the credit crunch.

We arrived there at about 12:00pm and upon arrival I met Aimee Ennis who I was to be interviewing. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the woman I was supposed to be talking to was unable to make it and although had mentioned to me that I would be interviewing Aimee instead, hadn’t actually mentioned it to Aimee herself. Luckily, she was fine with me filming her and so the interview went ahead.

It was decided that the best place to do this would be the cat part of the centre as it was flooded with light and I was also able to get the beautiful cat artwork in the background as well.  This worked really well and I am really pleased with the outcome as it looks clear and well framed and one of the best interviews I have yet. Aimee knew exactly what to say after I’d shown her the questions and talked a lot about her experiences with abandoned animals. I know that I will definitely be

Volunteer Aimee Ennis has felt the impact of the recession on pets herself

able to use this footage in my documentary and it is really beginning to take shape. She also attempted to hold a cat throughout the interview but cats being cats, it wouldn’t stay for the whole thing and leapt of half way through. This has concerned me a little bit in terms of the editing as I don’t particularly want it to jump from her holding it to not holding it but there was nothing I could do and I’m sure I can make it work.

One thing I was really pleased with was the interview I managed to get with somebody who was at the centre to put one of her cats on the waiting list to get into the centre because she was on benefits and couldn’t afford to keep it anymore. Finding somebody who was in this situation is something I have been struggling with for a while now so to get an interview by chance was perfect. This

Lisa Morris is having to part with one of her cats due to financial pressure

has taught me a lot about keeping my options open whilst filming as you never know when other opportunities come along.

After the interviews, me and my mum filmed quite a bit in the cat section in order for me to get the general shots I needed. Whilst I filmed the cats, my mum encouraged them to play at the window which was really helpful and I managed to get some really good and useful shots.I also managed to film a family coming in to collect a cat they had adopted and I am planning on using this to show that some animals do have happy endings. We then visited the rabbit centre where I feel I got some more good shots of the many rabbits there, which I am hoping to use to illustrate that it’s not just cats and dogs being abandoned like many people think. I think the bunnies knew they

The rabbits certainly played up to the camera!

were the stars of my documentary as many of them came to look at me and even yawned and drank their water as well (I’m going to use these shots for the ahhhhh-factor).

I was intending to filming another interview with Aimee where she talked about her dogs and their stories as they are all rescue dogs. However, this didn’t quite go to plan as my camera’s memory card proceeded to run out of space. After deleting some of my shots, which I really didn’t want to do, I managed to get back about 5 minutes worth of space and so I had to rush the filming as fast as I could. I really am disappointed with this as it would have been perfect but due to my rush it was badly framed and there were also people shouting across her even though they knew I was recording. Looking back I probably should have made it clear that I need them to be quiet but as we were all getting it done as fast as possible it was quite difficult to get a word in really.

Aimee and her rescue dog

I have learnt such a lot today not only about the animals and the financial pressure the society is under but also about filming. I know I need at least one other memory card now to reduce the risk of this situation happening again!


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