Lundy Island Filming- Day 2

After the first day’s exciting events, when I woke up on the second day I have to admit I was a little bit worried about what would happen on this day. It had been mentioned that to film part of my film ‘Lundy Island Marine Conservation’, myself and my group would be taken out on a RIB boat so that we could get close to the seals and do some underwater filming with their equipment. I was really looking forward to that element as I definitely am ‘a boat person’ but what I

On the boat

wasn’t looking forward to was choosing who would come with me as not all of us would be able to go.

At half 10 we met with Derek Green and Derren Fox, the wildlife ranger for the island, to talk over our plans for the interviews and for the filming which is where I had to make my decision. I decided that Rebecca really needed to come on the boat as she was also filming for her documentary so this was an ideal opportunity for her to get some good footage as well and Catherine Williams had already been chosen by Chris Thomas, the production manager, as she was doing the behind-the-scenes video. So this meant I had to decide between Rachel, Mirella and Jordan. It was a very difficult decision as they are all more than capable of filming but in the end I chose Mirella partly because she had shown a lot of interest and partly because the other two said that they didn’t mind and were

The seals were intrigued by the boat as we went past

planning on filming some GVs for the other films.

After this short meeting, we packed up all our equipment and headed out to the landrover to be taken down to the Landing Bay where we got on the boat. I was very happy that we didn’t have to walk down this bumpy hill today as it was very misty around and I was a little paranoid that there would be another accident. Once we arrived at the jetty, we all clambered out and were taken to be fitted with life jackets whilst Derren went to get the boat before we all climbed in. To begin with, it was full of water so I was rather pleased I had worn my wellies or I would have been soaked straight away!

This boat trip was one of the best filming experiences I have ever been involved in. We managed to get quite close to some seals who were peering out of the water curiously watching us and even saw a puffin and many of the resident seabirds, including the razorbills. After doing a lot of research on the marine life prior to going I found it really interesting to see the creatures I had read about and I only wish that I could have seen those that lived under the waves as well. Talking of waves, it was quite a challenge clinging on to the boat whilst holding a

Some of the many seabirds we saw on the boat

camera as well not for my safety, but for my cameras! It wasn’t too bad as we went around the East coast of the island but once we turned the corner and hit the currents of the Atlantic Ocean on the West it started to get really bumpy and I don’t think I’ve had that much fun for a while. Looking back at the footage, it is a bit shakier than I would have liked but considering it was quite rough,  I am very pleased with the interview I managed to film with Derren with the sea bird nesting grounds in the background and I’m sure it will be ideal for the film.

After the boat trip, an interview with Derek and a bumpy ride back to the village, myself, Mirella and Rebecca all had a spot of lunch before heading back out to do some more filming. Although we needed more GVs for this film and Rebecca’s documentary, Chris had told us to do some filming of the other accommodation near by for another short film about that.  I liked having the opportunity to film something else as it also gave me the chance to be a little bit nosy! We headed out towards the castle to film that and to also film from the vantage point it has over the east side of the island. I managed to get some good shots of the ‘No Take Zone’, an area of water where nobody is allowed to remove any living species for the film which I know will be perfect to show it’s location. I would have liked it to

The Landing Bay- ‘No Take Zone’

have been as sunny as the day before but at least it wasn’t as misty as the morning and you can still see it.I also helped to film some more of the locations later on with the rest of the group which was really interesting as we got to see another part of Lundy I hadn’t seen before and it was incredibly beautiful.

On this day, we had a much earlier night than the night before as after tea in the tavern (I had the best cumberland sausage and mash ever!) and a quick game of The Logo Game and ghost stories, we all climbed into bed and, in my case, died. I’m glad we did have an earlier night as day 3 was an early-ish start at 7am so I needed my crew to be as awake as possible.


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