Lundy Island Short Films- Editing

I’ve just completed the editing of the two Lundy Island short films: ‘ Lundy Island Marine Conservation’ and ‘Lundy Island Dolphins’. I wasn’t expecting to have to do two of them but I have really enjoyed creating them and I hope that I have shown Lundy Island for the spectacular place it is.

Although it would have been nice to have had all of the crew involved in the edit, I do think that with it being so short it would have been detrimental to the films

A screen cap from the ‘Lundy Island Marine Conservation’

and I feel that it would have taken even longer to complete them. Rachel did help me script the Marine Conservation film and narrated it so I do feel as though she had quite a lot of input into them and expressed quite a lot of interest. However I understand that due to work commitments other people were unable to, which  has really not hindered the films at all.

I would have like to have used other groups footage, as was the original plan, as I am aware that they had some good time lapses of the ferry leaving and arriving which would have been ideal for the dolphin video. However, I found it difficult to contact them about it and by the time I would have got hold of it, it would have been too late to complete the edit to a high standard.

A screen cap from ‘Lundy Island Dolphins’

Overall, I am proud of the videos I have created as I feel that they do get across the subjects they are supposed to portray clearly and effectively. Although I was not expecting to have had to record a voiceover myself, I really enjoyed doing it and it was perfect practice for the future. I just hope that The Landmark Trust enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed making them and that people see just how incredible the marine life around Lundy Island really is.

To see the finished films please visit the ‘Lundy Island’ section 


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