Mischief in the Moray Firth

This is a collection of photographs I took a while ago now, back in August 2011 on a visit to the Moray Firth, Scotland. I’d been there quite a few times before but not with a good enough

I'd been to Chanonry Point before but only with a small digital camera.
I’d been to Chanonry Point before but only with a small digital camera.

camera to get any decent pictures and so on this particular occasion, I was very pleased that I had it with me!

My family and I had arrived at Chanonry Point quite a while before the dolphins arrived and it was starting to get quite nippy when somebody spotted a dorsal fin in the distance. Everybody seemed to rush forward at once so trying to position myself in the optimum spot was quite challenging especially when combined with the tide creeping up the beach. But it was definitely worth it. For the next half an hour, the resident bottle-nosed dolphins glided through the waves, hunted for fish and performed magnificent aerial displays. As somebody who has been adopting Moray Firth dolphins with WDC, formally WDCS, for many years now, it was really nice to see some of the dolphins I’d read about so many times before on Charlie Phillip’s blog and seen a few times prior to this trip as well. I think being able to identify them as Moonlight, Mischief and Sundance was an added thrill to the whole experience as was the adrenaline rush of seeing them so close and in the wild. I did go back last year and although we did see them again, the weather conditions were horrendous and it was a lot harder to get any photos of them. That’s all part of the charm of wildlife watching though, the challenge of spotting, and I wouldn’t change it at all.


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