Pigeon (Camera) Shooting

When you say the word pigeon, most people will screw their noses up and mutter the word ‘vermin’; understandable really as there are countless tales of how they spread diseases. However, after spending quite a lot of time watching them eating seed and scraps on the roof outside my flat (we even named one Bertie), it struck me how interesting these birds actually are. Every night at the same time they would swoop down from the trees in their little groups and wait expectantly for food- so reliable you could set the clocks by them! After a while it was easy to see their little personalities shine through and although I know these birds do spread a lot of disease and over populated, they really are a very intriguing species.

My latest gallery of photographs has been created in an attempt to showcase the pigeons’ personalities from their insufferable cocky attitudes to their inquisitiveness. After all,  they aren’t going anywhere fast so why not try and see them in a different, comical light?


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