Stray Cats in the Sunshine

Friday was the first properly sunny day I’ve seen so far this year and so I made sure that I got to see some of it. Where we live, there isn’t a little garden or anything as there are garages behind the house instead so it’s more of a car park but it was still nice to sit outside and make the most of it. I had intended to take a few pictures of the stray cats that live around here (there’s around 8 of them) and so I took my camera down with me to see what I could see. To begin with, I focused upon photographing the magpies who seemed to have gathered in the trees and were cackling at each other loudly along with the seagulls who perched on top of the chimney pots, glaring down at the other birds. At this time there had only been one cat out and he had wandered off somewhere I couldn’t see so I just had to be patient. Eventually he wandered back over and when noticing we were looking at him, came running over meowing loudly expecting a tasty treat as I usually take them some biscuits and treats down for them all. Unfortunately, he managed to eat most of the ones I had quite quickly and so I thought he was going to leave but instead he hung around sunbathing and waiting for more snacks. This cat in particular was quite helpful although slightly jumpy if anyone left the house but another of the cats I previously photographed, I nicknamed her ‘Chunky’, wasn’t so sure and didn’t stick around for long until the treats returned.  I managed to get quite a few shots of this one, I’m going to call him Bob, even if he kept turning his back on me and I have to say, I think I prefer cat photography to dog photography. Not because I prefer them as an animal but because I like their attitude towards people; they either want to cooperate or won’t even bother and will do their utmost to make sure that they do as much as they can to challenge you. Pet photography is definitely something I am interested in continuing and these cats have made me consider feline photography in particular a lot more. It’s challenging and fun but the end results are definitely worth the patience.


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