Big Cats, Little Cats

A gallery of all my big cat photographs and stray cats photographs.

Big cats and little cats all in one place….


2 Replies to “Big Cats, Little Cats”

  1. Amazing pictures! I love them so much. I have a quick question if you don’t mind? I have a black cat and getting a good picture of him is next to impossible. I am not a professional (not even close) photog. but I would really love to be able to take a good picture of him, any tips?

    1. Hi! Sorry I haven’t replied, I didn’t see the comment! I think the best way to get pictures of your cat is to wait until he is relaxed and then perhaps try and take them from a distance to begin with. If he’s a little bit wary of the camera, this should help to get him used to it without being too intrusive. You could also try getting a few shots of him whilst he’s asleep, again so he’ll be used to the sound. There is also the option of using a high speed setting and getting someone to play with him to try and get some action shots; it might take a while to get one (I have loads of pointless photos of pets from this) but you’ll eventually get a really good photograph.

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