Plastic Pollution And It’s Devastating Consequences On Our Oceans- Sea Watch Newsletter January 2016

It is pretty much guaranteed that at some point in your daily life, you will come into contact with plastic. You may find it holding your cereal in the morning and wrapped around your sandwiches at lunch time. It could be used to carry your shopping home or cover food and hold drinks in the […]

Shark Control And The Struggle For Survival- Sea Watch Foundation Newsletter November/December 2015

Heart pounding and fins thrashing, the dolphin twists frantically trying to escape the hook embedded deep inside her abdomen. Unable to help, her mother circles her desperate to try and save her baby who is now blinded in one eye by the constant friction of the drum line chain. There is nothing she can do. […]

Hope For Rare Porpoises in Mexico- Sea Watch Foundation Newsletter October 2015

 As the small grey dorsal fins gently slice through the calm waters of San Felipe in Mexico, the relief and elation onboard the research ship, the R/V Ocean Starr, is unmistakable. A mere 4 days into a 64 day long survey into the abundance of the critically endangered vaquita population and two have already been […]

US Navy Sonar Limitations To Help Save Cetaceans- Sea Watch Foundation Newsletter September 2015

Imagine this. You’re sitting in your house, enjoying a lovely and well deserved meal at your table with your friends and family when all of a sudden you’re overcome by a noise so deafening that you have no other choice but to run. Your head is pounding, you feel dizzy, your body is aching and […]

Diving into the Depths of Dolphin Communication

An article written for an online course on Animal Behaviour I am doing at the moment:    “Hello”, “Alright Mate”, “Good to see you”; all ways in which we as humans often greet each other.  Depending upon how well we know someone, who they are and of course the situations we are in, our vocalisations […]

A Walk in the Woods

Yesterday, whilst Cardiff was finally basking in the sun again we decided to go out for a walk in the woods with JJ the Jack Russell who was visiting from Preston. By the end of the walk he was absolutely shattered, had made friends with a couple of horses and had made sure he’d walked […]

Breaching Whaling Defences: The End of JARPA II

At incredible speed, the harpoon shoots through the air and roughly embeds itself in the thick blubber of a passing minke whale. Still alive and writhing in agony, the whale is dragged through the crimson stained water towards the Yushin Maru where it will soon be delivered to the “mothership” for scientific investigation and the […]