Diving into the Depths of Dolphin Communication

An article written for an online course on Animal Behaviour I am doing at the moment:    “Hello”, “Alright Mate”, “Good to see you”; all ways in which we as humans often greet each other.  Depending upon how well we know someone, who they are and of course the situations we are in, our vocalisations […]

South Lakes Wild Animal Park: The Ultimate Interactive Experience

After looking back at my posts, I’ve realised that I never actually talked about my filming at ‘South Lakes Wild Animal Park’ back in May 2013 so that’s what this post it about. I first approached the zoo just before Easter last year after deciding that I desperately needed some more experience in filming animals. […]

Eye To Eye: Animal Encounters at the Zoo

As I’ve mentioned before, many people think that photography at zoos is an “easy” way of photographing exotic and interesting animal species and yet when it comes to it, it’s really not easy at all. Like in the wild, the animals movements can be unpredictable and smears on glass and fine wire fences can prove […]

Do Natural History Films Really Make A Difference To Natural History Issues?

As the tension builds in the stadium and the roar of the crowd intensifies, the huge whale is catapults it’s trainer out of the water with a few flicks of it’s powerful fluke before they both crash back down with a splash. To some this is the icing on top of a great holiday, seeing […]

Photography At The Zoo: Take 2

Bitten by the bug of zoo photography (again!), last week we headed to Bristol Zoo to have another go. With such a wide variety of animals and a completely different way of showing them, it was a lot of fun trying to capture them in the best way possible. The glass, at times, proved to […]

Capturing Captivity

After being provided with a couple of tickets to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm in Bristol in exchange for some marketing photographs, we headed back there on Thursday to try and obtain some better shots of the lions. It was a particularly chilly day so armed with hats and gloves we set off towards the big […]

Barking on the Beach

Going to the beach is always fun but it’s always a lot better when there’s entertainment; in this case it came in the form of three dogs. Whilst it was extremely cold and windy at times, they all seemed to enjoy themselves, especially JJ who loved splashing around in the sea and it gave me […]

Pigeon (Camera) Shooting

When you say the word pigeon, most people will screw their noses up and mutter the word ‘vermin’; understandable really as there are countless tales of how they spread diseases. However, after spending quite a lot of time watching them eating seed and scraps on the roof outside my flat (we even named one Bertie), […]

The Plight of the Pilot Whales: Murder in the Faroe Islands

‘Blackfish’ highlighted the issue of captivity, ‘The Cove’ showed the brutality of the Taiji dolphin drive but to us here in Europe these can seem quite far away. However, on a small island above the UK equally horrifying events take place a lot closer to home; the annual grind of the Faroe Islands. Dating back […]