Diving Down and Out: WhaleFest Promotional Film Is Finally Finished

It’s taken a lot of hard work and a lot of time but I have finally finished my film for the promotion of ‘WhaleFest 2011’ and I have to say I am very proud of it. I have never actually edited a promotional video before so to take on something that big for the first […]

Creating a Fluke Print: Editing WhaleFest 2011 Footage

I’ve been considering how I am going to organise the editing of our footage from ‘WhaleFest’ and so far it’s been quite difficult to come to a decision about who’s doing what. Before we actually went and filmed in Brighton, Jordan Declaire had approached me and asked whether she would be able to edit as […]

Having a Whale of a Time! Filming WhaleFest 2011: Day 2

After the success of the first day of filming, I was really looking forward to the second day as I would hopefully be interacting more with the many cetacean based companies and organisations. Once we’d arrived and set up the cameras and sound equipment, we divided back into the two filming groups and I directed […]

Whale, Whale, Whale…What Do We Have Here? Filming at WhaleFest 2011 Day 1

Yesterday we finally got back from an exhausting but amazing weekend filming Planet Whale’s ‘WhaleFest’ in Brighton. Everything went according to plan and exceeded my expectations of what it would be like, definitely a fantastic opportunity and I’m incredibly glad that I was able to go. One of the highlights of the weekend has to […]

Looking forward to sea-ing you! Preparing to film ‘WhaleFest 2011’

So, Friday is the day when hopefully all my hard work of being the producer and organising  will pay off when myself and my crew set off to Brighton to begin filming the promotional footage for Planet Whale’s ‘WhaleFest’. After having the meeting last Wednesday it immediately became clear what I still needed to sort but […]