Interacting in Captivity- Trip Advisor Stops Selling Tickets To Interactive Captivity Attractions

As the bright orange sun slowly rose above the horizon, hundreds of fins burst out of the deep blue water. Surrounding our little boat and leaping through the waves, dusky dolphins and common dolphins paired up to deliver what was possibly one of the most incredible acrobatic performances I’d ever seen. For the next 2 […]

Industry and the Environment; Coastal Development in the Moray Firth

As the fins sliced through the choppy, current-swirled waters they were met with an eruption of excited gasps from the expectant crowds. After waiting on the shore for what felt like, and probably was, hours, our patience had finally paid off. The dolphins had arrived! Seemingly showing off their incredible hunting skills and prowess as […]

The Silent Killer Strikes

Drifting along the ocean’s currents, I am a silent killer preying on the watery world’s inhabitants, not distinguishing between species or allowing for escape. I am a ghost net, abandoned by my users but I will continue to hunt and I will continue to kill. The name ghost net is given to any commercial fishing […]