Delfines de España

Whilst looking through some old photographs, I came across this: my first ever dolphin photograph. It was taken off the coast of Mojacar in Spain when I went on a dolphin watching trip Common Dolphinswith my family years and years ago and we encountered a huge pod of common dolphins. I’d seen common dolphins before a few times on the ship crossing over to Spain (more on this later!) but never this close before so it was an incredible experience. I think they must have spent a 20 minutes, if not longer, leaping around the boat and bow riding through the crystal clear water and there were times when it felt as though when you looked into their eyes, they were looking back. Now I wouldn’t say that this picture necessarily defined my admiration and desire to work with cetaceans, I’d been interested in them for a long time before this, but it definitely pinpointed the moment I felt the thrill of photographing wildlife. The whole experience of watching and waiting, and the sheer anticipation of seeing them break the surface for the first time was truly memorable and to this day they still have the same effect.  It may not have been the first time I saw dolphins in the wild but I am hoping that there won’t be a last.