Friends of Monze


Whilst looking for ways to expand my videography portfolio, I came across the Bridgend based charity ‘Friends of Monze’ who were advertising for a volunteer editor. Keen to practise my editing skills I put myself forward and it wasn’t long before I found myself in receipt of a DVD of footage shot in the small town of Monze, Africa. The plan was to cut together a short film about the arrival of a water well to show supporters how appreciated it was and after overcoming a few difficulties with footage, I put it together. It was an interesting piece to work on as it was one of the first ‘proper’ times I’d worked on somebody else’s footage and gave me the skills needed to use material I hadn’t seen in advance. Now the film is being used on the charity’s Facebook page to promote the work that they do.



I was also asked whether I could create something to show the people of Monze what life is like in the UK and so I put together a series of time-lapses to reflect a typical day in Cardiff, from bay to the museum to the city centre and back again.


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